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Mirrors and Veils

Dedicated to Melody Mason


I’ll never forget the excitement I felt looking at photographer Melody Mason’s Reflected Realities series, a beautiful collection of window reflections, overlapping glimpses that create what seem like double exposures, cracks in the known world. Around the same time, Peggy Reeves introduced me to Josef Sudek’s work, specifically his Windows of my Studio, a gritty, gorgeous selection of window distortions, plays of surface condensation, rain, grime, and the world outside…

I am constantly looking for new ways to see the familiar world. Shooting photographs through windows satisfies the painter in me. The natural distortion of a rainy window, the unexpected joy where two worlds meet in a window reflection, or the simple grit filter of an old grimy window pane, all provide a glimpse of the real world through a distorted natural lens.  The painter in me, especially the one who loves George Inness, is drawn to realistic portrayals of the world done with a personal touch that is purely subjective, highly emotional, and hauntingly beautiful. In my way, in my own photographs, I strive for that, too.

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