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Mills, Rivers, Trains and Bridges  

Dedicated to John Roberts 


I was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, a small mill town twenty minutes south of Worcester. I grew up in a landscape of mills, rivers, trains, and bridges so common throughout the suburban industrial villages of New England. "I can still hear the mill right down the street from where I lived til I was 13, shuckclack clack clack, shuckclack clack clack, as I ran down to John Hughes’s house every day after school." This industrial infrastructure - the shells of mills, slowly abandoned over the years, heaving and delicately balanced, the rivers that always accompany them, the deep rust and gorgeous angles of the train bridges, the lure of the tracks as they cut and disappear out in both directions, and the towering stencil presence of the water tower (Uxbridge had two) - is a major focus of this body of work. 

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